Comet Math Brings Home Top Trophy 10th Time in Past 11 Years

Hillcrest unloaded three math teams from the bus at the MSU-Moorhead campus on Wednesday, March 6. The Comets have a tradition of performing well at the Tri-College Mathematics Competition, and a certain level of expectation follows students each year. Wednesday was no exception, and the Comets delivered a top team and top scorer again.

There are approximately 40 teams that sit around tables to complete nearly impossible math problems in an effort to show who the top problem solvers in the region are. There are over 350 students who feverishly work through individual tests before joining forces with their respective school teams in the mathematics competition. The schools are separated into grade divisions, 9th and 10th grade makes up the Lower High School division, while the 11th and 12th grade students receive more advanced mathematics problems in their competition rounds for the Upper High School division.

Schools from as far north as Kittson County near the Canadian border face schools from western Minnesota, where Hillcrest is located. The competition field is diverse and holds students from varied school sizes and education backgrounds. Hillcrest’s dynamic and diverse mathematics program is propelling students to high achievement. 

Hillcrest placed 1st place in the Upper High School division, also holding the top individual scorer in Yohan Jee. In the Lower High School division Hillcrest held two top scorers in Simon Lo and Kevin An who both placed in the top 10 of students.

Hillcrest’s 1st place trophy marks the tenth time in eleven years the math program at Hillcrest has earned top honors. The strong mathematics program joins forces with a consistently dominant robotics club at Hillcrest to round out a dynamic and elite STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program that continues to grow and expand.

Elizabeth Smith and Stephen Doering are the advisors for the Hillcrest Mathematics teams.