Salazar Finds Purpose in Sharing Faith in Chapel

The fall of her junior year, Lizbeth visited Bethel Church with her father from Mexico. She shadowed Olivia Foss for a day at Hillcrest where she met many great people and teachers, including Mr. Preston who told her that they might have room for her in their house in she decided to return the following year.

Lizbeth told no one of her desire to go to HLA but prayed about it and the desire grew. Over the next few months, God made it clear that this was part of His plan and made a way for it to happen.

Lizbeth was excited to come to America and experience a very different culture and learning experience but was surprised at how different it was. Church was not at all what she was used to and she needed to adjust her attitude. Her first and most significant relationships were with the Preston family. From there, she made herself right at home, immersing herself in the student body. But she missed the close, deeply spiritual friendships she’d had at home. Her philosophy was, “If there is nothing to do, DO SOMETHING,” and she threw herself in with her whole heart. Lizbeth purposed to be intentional about creating an intimate community for herself. She refused to miss opportunities to connect with others even when she was tired.

A huge breakthrough for Liz came when she publicly shared her testimony in chapel. Her raw honesty touched the hearts of everyone who heard her and opened the doors for her to have many conversations with others about their own challenges.

Lizbeth says, “Coming here to Hillcrest, I have no one but God for my support. I have no other option than to act on what I believe and then see the faithfulness of God.”

Next fall, Lizbeth will attend Moody Bible Institute to study Children & Family Ministry.