Hillcrest Launches Comet Combine Training Program

In the wake of long time Comet coach Gregg Preston’s step back from coaching this winter Hillcrest is launching a new training program. In one of his final acts as coach, Preston passed along a final message to Hillcrest students and staff during graduation weekend, highlighting 1 Corinthians 10:31, telling athletes and staff that the motivation for athletics is, "whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." This mindset is pushing Hillcrest athletes to compete, but also to improve their skills.

After a flurry of athletic activity on campus last week in what was termed the Comet Combine, students set baseline standards on agility, strength, and speed. Beginning Monday morning, June 3rd at 6:30am students and staff will gather in the weight room at Hillcrest to begin summer weight and speed training. New Comet Basketball coach Ryan Garvin said, “Our goals are that each student will improve their athletic skills, build community, and grow in their faith.”

Shane Sigler, is a local athletic trainer assisting Hillcrest with the program. Sigler will be in the weight room Monday evenings, Wednesday mornings, and Wednesday evenings. The Comet Boosters are filling other weight room time slots to give students opportunities to gather together in the weight room to accomplish Coach Garvin’s goals.

“We're very excited to be working with Shane, especially after meeting directly with him this week to go over the workouts. We're thankful for his commitment and contributions in creating a program specifically for us! He's excited to teach technique and to challenge our athletes,” Garvin noted.

Building a strong community is something Hillcrest does well. They hope their summer program will continue that virtue, not only developing self-motivation, which Coach Garvin notes “is good and necessary, and character-revealing, but working out together brings an inherent competition that is beautiful to see.” Garvin and head girls basketball coach Hannah Clark orchestrated the Comet Combine last week and noted that the comradarie and encouragement was electric in the weight room.

Garvin noted that building strength and community will be inherent in the program, but the uniqueness of Hillcrest’s weight program will be founded on faith formation. “As a school staff and faculty, our desire, above all, is that your student grows and is challenged in their faith in their time under our direction and guidance. Throughout the summer some of the coaches have committed to setting aside time to hold brief, but pertinent and encouraging moments in the Word. They will also individually check in on students this summer to encourage your student athlete in their work with Christ.”

To register for Hillcrest’s weight program please visit www.ffhillcrest.org/cometcamp

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