Senior Testimony | Ewan Has View Expanded at Hillcrest

It was Augusta’s plan to join the ranks at Hillcrest after being homeschooled and attending Morning Son Christian School. “People sometimes talk about Hillcrest being a ‘bubble,’” says Augusta. “But that is not true. Where else can you meet so many people from so many countries and cultures. Hillcrest actually EXPANDS your worldview.”

She was nervous to start her ninth grade year in the Castle. She felt shy and awkward about jumping in. Yet, this is exactly what she suggests others do: Be intentional, get involved.

Sports was one key way that Augusta connected with community at HLA. The practices, bus rides, and games gave ample opportunity for focussed time with others as they worked toward common goals. Augusta also connected through music and worship team.

Through the Understanding the Times class Augusta was challenged to think deeply. She found Principal Isaac’s teaching method intimidating at first. He would ask a question and push students beyond simple answers. This taught Augusta to think deeply and answer thoughtfully. She started to look at the world from other perspectives, helping expand her view as she engaged the classroom.

People are Augusta’s favorite thing about her time at Hillcrest. “Every year is like a whole new student body.” She has moved outside the shy shell she wore the first weeks of her ninth grade year. “The time goes so fast,” she admits. “I feel like I just started 9th grade yesterday.” The depth of her friendships was evident as she tearfully said goodbye on the main steps of Hillcrest after graduation.

Augusta feels like she really began making her faith her own her freshman year. Inspiration Point Christian Camp, along with her classes at Hillcrest, have facilitated that growth. She has learned more about the importance of personal Bible reading, prayer, and praise and worship. “It is so humbling to stand in front of chapel watching the joint act of worship, knowing that you are all focussed on the same thing.” The senior trip to the Dominican Republic was also transformational for Augusta. “Talking about faith should be a normal thing,” she says. She wants to be more bold in living out her faith going forward.

Dawn SynstelienComment