New Summer Reading Program Propels Hillcrest Classical Program in Second Year

“Reading is the gateway to knowledge.” That’s how History teacher Ryan Garvin started his email to parents as students received instructions into a new summer reading list program for Hillcrest’s Junior High.

“Our summer reading program is designed to encourage year-round immersion in literature and prepare you for 7th grade history at Hillcrest.” Mr. Garvin continued the letter, adding, “A staple of Classical Christian education is summer reading. This gives the students some directed guidance in subject matter, continues to help the student develop reading muscles that will need to be sharp during the school year and helps maintain some level of discipline from school year to school year.”

Hillcrest’s new launch into Classical Christian Education is starting to turn heads in the Fergus Falls community. Students engaged Gilgamesh and Hammurabi, taking knowledge from their classical reading courses into their fields of logic and Latin, noted powerfully in Principal Isaac recalling an incident in his logic class this spring.

“The primary goal of a classical education is to transcend simple knowledge and skills by developing wisdom and eloquence in students,” Hillcrest’s mentor-teacher Michele Foss added. “I have noticed that the students in my classroom are learning to honor virtue, defend truth, recognize falsehood, as well as celebrate beauty, speak articulately, and write persuasively.”

Foss’ classroom is a robust learning environment, where students reference maps, pull up dictionary definitions, and meet in small group learning environments to hash out ideas. The summer reading program promises to make the classroom experience more valuable. “Reading is the gateway to knowledge. There is no more valuable learning activity. Our summer reading program is designed to encourage year-round immersion in literature.”