Donations to Hillcrest Academy are tax deductible through Hillcrest's 501c3 status

#HLAGives is raising opportunities for students to come to Hillcrest by increasing student scholarships. We invite you to join alumni and friends on Thursday, February 8 2018 to make this a day to celebrate generosity for Hillcrest!  

A generous donor has started the ball rolling, giving a $5000 gift match to your donations for student scholarships. This gift match is a dollar-for-dollar match, with the goal being to raise $10,000 in one day that will aid a number of families to join the Hillcrest family. Throughout Thursday, Feb. 8, families and friends of Hillcrest stepped in to help raise funds for more students to attend Hillcrest Academy. The day was wildly successful, raising over $20,000 for student scholarships. 

Building on the Momentum

Below are a few recent endowment accounts started by students at Hillcrest. Yes, students at Hillcrest have started endowments in honor of friends and family to enable more students to attend their school. That is a testimony to what the Lord is doing in the hearts and minds of students at Hillcrest. Please look through some of the funds and consider joining the movement to make Hillcrest a reality for more families.

Hillcrest's Scholarship account supports students today. While endowments allow are a long-range investment in families attending Hillcrest, the scholarship account goes directly to students today, enabling Hillcrest to reach out to interested families to help bridge a financial gap so their student can attend Hillcrest. 


Diane Ihrke passed away in March of 2017. Her two boys, Sam and Zeke, are proud of the sacrifices their mother made to enable them to attend Hillcrest. In her memory, they are raising funds to create an endowment to enable other students to attend Hillcrest. They are raising funds through a 5k walk/run race and are also receiving donations for the endowment at Hillcrest. 

Hayley said Hillcrest was her favorite place to be in the entire world. During her two years at Hillcrest she made countless friends and directed hundreds to Jesus through her testimony. Hayley passed away December 9, 2016 after a battle with Cancer. Her classmates created a named endowment to remember Hayley, someone who loved Hillcrest, by providing an avenue for others to attend through financial scholarship.

Recapping Giving Hearts Day

Below are some of the videos created during the Giving Hearts Day event on Thursday, February 8. 

Kickoff Greeting from President Hoganson

Lunch with President Hoganson

Principal Isaac Worldview Class

Worship Team Practice

Student Life Videos From Hillcrest

Students Meeting for the First Time at HLA

Prayer Days Continue a 110 year tradition

Student Testimony Chapels on Friday

Students testify to their year at HLA