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Ask any student how they want to grow in their faith and they’ll give you a list of spiritual disciplines. Developmentally, most students are in a phase of wanting to practice what they believe. For many, they aren’t able to handle the philosophical questions of faith because they haven’t had a solid grasp on what it actually looks like to practice their faith. The first thing you can do to build faith in your student is to give them a picture of their family’s living faith that is lived out by explaining and living out a living faith. 


At Hillcrest, every Friday, the senior class calls a classmate to the stage in Chapel to share their testimony. It’s a special time where the student body gets to see their natural student leaders expressing their living faith.  We outline this time as a sacred space, where technology is not allowed to interfere. This is very important in our world of avoidance and distraction. Sharing our faith can be awkward and uncomfortable, both for the person sharing and the listener.


For your family, it would be beneficial to start a new habit of rallying together to talk about some ways each individual is growing in their faith. If it’s awkward, own it. Say, “this is going to be awkward. I haven’t done this before, but I really care about your faith. So, I need to share with you the difference God has made and is making in my life.” The first rally might just be you sharing, but tell your student you want them to share next time. Don’t push it if they don’t have anything to share. The practice isn’t to draw out their faith, but is instead designed for you to show them a living faith.