My sophomore year was a turning point for me in more ways than one. To me, it felt like the two year transition into American culture, coming out of Sub-Saharan Africa had ended. I had assimilated. I was ready to thrive. 

I set two specific goals for myself: I would make the Varsity Squad in soccer, and I would audition for the prestigious Chamber Choir. I signed up for my choir audition, and registered for soccer. Throughout that week of scrutiny I gave it my all. As I ventured home Friday, tired and sore, I knew I had done my best. Now I would rest, patiently awaiting what week two would bring.

Monday delivered a double blow, not seeing my name on either list. I was once again a JV soccer player, and a second rate Concert Choir member. That night I struggled with discouragement. I resolved if I was to be in Concert Choir instead of Chamber, and on JV instead of Varsity.

My efforts did not go unnoticed. Those two weeks set the tone for the rest of the year. I had  incredibly successful athletic seasons. And was part of multiple award winning Choral ensembles. I excelled academically, and worked every task to my utmost ability. I learned something that Friday. It’s always worth it to strive, even when faced with failure, because overcoming produces a virtue found nowhere else. Resilience.

I see Hillcrest as a sort of divine potter's wheel. The clay of my life was scrupulously collected throughout my years in africa, and now it has been refined, molded. It now has purpose and use. God has used Hillcrest as a place to truly begin to show me how I am His vessel.




Hillcrest's academic program is dynamic. Most classrooms are discussion oriented, where students learn concepts and practice dialogue. Because of the diversity of cultures present at Hillcrest, with students from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the United States, classroom discussion is robust. In this, students find unity in the person of Jesus Christ, while sharing varied perspectives from their cultures. Hillcrest is a safe place to share ideas and have them weighed against the Bible.  More information →



Hillcrest parents say their students receive a more diverse and integrated school environment than many of their friends in larger cities. This fosters a robust classroom, where differences of opinion are expressed as students learn how to form logical thoughts and are trained to communicate winsomely in an academic environment. Hillcrest students are prepared for the rigors of the University while building structures for form good thoughts and habits to propel deeper intellectual development.  More information →



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Inside of the dynamic environment of Hillcrest Academy students have godly character strengthened. Life in the dormitory, sharing living space with friends from around the world, means there will be conflict. Students are mentored to manage this conflict, building muscles to handle difficult things later in life. Athletics and Hillcrest’s clubs also provide opportunities for students to engage in the culture of Hillcrest while building good habits and strong practices to strengthen their character.  More information →


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Students leave Hillcrest prepared and ready to engage the next challenge. It is common to have seniors report that they’ve appreciated their growth at Hillcrest, and in their final semester share that they’re ready to exercise their mental, social, and spiritual muscles outside the Castle. Hillcrest students score high on standardized tests and many find the college transition easy following their time at Hillcrest.  More information →