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Marcos Holzner

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Learning Lab


Online Learning Lab Facilitator, German



Marcos was born in Mexico to an Italian mother and my Austrian father.  His multi-national beginning always left him wondering where he fit in.  The answer did not come easily, since he grew up, moving not just between Mexico and Italy, but also the United States and Bermuda.  As a result, belonging and citizenship have been recurring questions in his life.  His answer to identity came after he graduated from college, when, in his early twenties, he received Jesus Christ as his savior.  Marcos discovered to whom he belongs, and learned that his true citizenship doesn’t come from any one country, but as Paul writes, “… our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Philippians 3:20).

Marcos earned a B.A in Political Science, spoke four languages, knew many cultures, but did not know what to do with his life.  He went to Bible school at Lutheran Brethren Schools for a year, to grow his faith and knowledge of the Lord and to discover how he could serve Him.  God was very gracious that year, not only giving Marcos direction but also leading him to his wife, Kirsten.  Together, God called the Holzners to be overseas missionaries.  They served with Lutheran Brethren International Missions for 11 years in Bible translation and as church planters.  They worked among the Bilaala, an unreached Muslim people group in Chad, Africa.

Marcos and Kirsten came back to the United States in 2011 with the expectation of returning to Chad the following year.  That, however, was not God’s timing.  A series of obstacles have kept them from going back.  Ironically, not being a US citizen was one of these, but here, too, God has provided.  By remaining here, Marcos and Kirsten's sons have been blessed by attending Hillcrest.  As Marcos continued to work part-time in Bible translation, he began teaching part-time at Hillcrest as well.  In the past, Marcos taught Government, Consumer Math and Economics at Hillcrest.  Currently, he teaches 3rd year German and supervises the school’s Online Learning Lab.  To serve Hillcrest and its students better, Marcos is also pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching along with the certification as an online teacher.

Finally a US citizen, Marcos says he's blessed to be teaching at Hillcrest.  He is thankful for the international and multi-cultural background God has given him, which helps him connect with the school’s diverse and international student body.  Marcos don’t just want to teach the Hillcrest students, but also wants to encourage them and open their eyes to the blessings of being a citizen of heaven.