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Marcos Holzner

Learning Lab


Online Learning Lab Facilitator, German



Marcos was born in Mexico City and spent his childhood in Mexico, the U.S., Bermuda, and Italy. Marcos is fluent in seven languages. Through “divine intervention,” Marcos ended up in Minnesota from Mexico and enrolled as a student at Carleton College. Here is where he met friends who were connected with Lutheran Brethren Missions in Chad, friends God used to lead Marcos to Jesus Christ. After receiving his B.A. in political science and a minor in math, it was a short jump north for Marcos from the Twin Cities to Fergus Falls’ Bible School where, while serving as men’s RA, he met (and later married) the  women’s RA, Kirsten (Frank.)

After their marriage in 1993, Marcos and Kirsten made their home in the Twin Cities where Marcos studied linguistics and Kirsten earned her BSN.  After the birth of their two sons, they moved back to Fergus Falls where he obtained his certificate of Theological Studies in Missions. In 2001 Marcos and Kirsten were called by Lutheran Brethren International Missions (LBIM) and  moved their young family to Chad, Africa. The next ten years were busy ones where two daughters (Betsy and Katie) were added to the family, and Marcos worked with translating the Bible into Naba, and they shared Christ with the Bilala people..

The Holzners returned to the States in 2011 and enrolled both of their teenage sons at HLA. Marcos kept on working for LBIM and continued his translating work. In the time since, Marcos earned a Minnesota teaching license and is certified to teach social studies for grades 5-12.  He began teaching part-time in 2013 at Twin Oaks School.  In 2014, he started teaching at Hillcrest, and has taught Government, Economics, Consumer Math and German. He is currently enrolled in Bemidji State University’s master’s program in teaching, through which he will also earn a certificate for online teaching.

Marcos is more than equipped to teach foreign language at Hillcrest as well as facilitate the bustling online classroom that offers students the opportunity to take classes not offered in a traditional way or simply to fulfill individual requirements for graduation. He brings with him  a rich background of cultural experiences as a world traveler and a lifelong learner. This brilliant man considers himself “a peasant at heart,” and loves physical labor in the outdoors. He also enjoys reading, cooking, and camping with his family.

“It’s a lot of fun to teach at Hillcrest.  What I enjoy the most is getting to know students and building them up, academically and spiritually.”--Marcos Holzner