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Michele Foss

Mentor teacher, junior high 

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Bible Humanities
5/6 High Mathematics
Social Studies Humanities



Michele (Lutz) Foss grew up in Elbow Lake and graduated from West Central High School. After completing two years at Fergus Falls Community College, she transferred to Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, where she earned her education degree.  She taught 5 years in the Fergus Falls Middle School before marrying David Foss.  She and David moved to Fullerton, California where David pastored a church. Over the next 4 years, Michele taught 5th grade at Fern Drive Elementary while earning her master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University.  In 2001 Michele and David welcomed their first child and moved back to Fergus Falls.

The goal of HLA’s teachers is to view everything in light of the Bible. By integrating the truth and context of Scripture into all subject areas, students are trained to always consider how ideas from history, literature, or science line up with, or fail to line up with, the Word of God. Biblical integration goes beyond the addition of a Bible class to the curriculum. It requires the examination of all subjects in light of Biblical truth.

For the next 7 years, Michele was a stay-at-home mom and piano teacher for their daughter, Olivia and son, Micah. She then took the position of 6th grade teacher at Morning Son Christian School in Fergus Falls where she taught for 6 years. She now teaches seventh grade math and Bible Foundations at Hillcrest. She also serves as a mentor to other teachers, coming alongside them in a supportive role. Her 16 years of classroom teaching experience have given her opportunities to work with several student-teachers in their training. She has observed excellent instructors and has been trained in several methodologies in teaching. She delights to see people grow and learn, and Ioves being a part of that process. “I know that God has instilled in me a desire and a gift to teach. I am called not only to teach a set curriculum, but to teach that curriculum through the lens of a Biblical worldview,” says Michele.

One of the most distinctive elements that Michele appreciates about Hillcrest Academy is the school’s intentional focus on developing a Biblical worldview.  

Mrs. Foss considers herself blessed to be able to serve God’s people in this way--to point both students and teachers to Jesus and help them to understand their eternal value and develop their God-given gifts.