Chicago Study-and-Mission Day #4

Today we had the chance to visit the Museum of Science and Industry. Our students were able to begin processing some of the answers they were given at the Creation Science Museum (CSM) as they toured through a secular museum. 

I had the chance to visit with a 60 year old volunteer in the genetics presentation. We visited about the amazing discoveries being made in the field of genetics and talked about the complexity of DNA. While he laughed at me as I shared the Gospel with him in terms of how ordered DNA is and how it points magnificently to the Creator in the Bible, I know that a seed was planted. The exciting thing is that a few hours later I was visiting with a student regarding the conversations she had. She shared that she visited with a 60 year old volunteer in the genetics section. While she felt the conversation wasn't fruitful, she said that the gentleman didn't have a response to her questions but responded to her in laughter. 

I have been haunted by the words of 1 Corinthians 3:6 as I constantly recount the daily activities. I say haunted because I can't get passed this verse as I look for a benchmark of success in our daily activities. Our students are learning what it looks like in being faithful in communicating the salvation message of the Gospel. Our students have been conducting surveys on the streets of Chicago. In these surveys they address the issue of the beginning of time and communicate the Gospel through this avenue.

My prayer is that our students take their knowledge and impact the world with a clear and well-supported communication of the Gospel.