Chicago Study-and-Mission Day #5

Today the students got the chance to hear a theoretical cosmoligist at the Fermilab. His title is pretty much the way the presentation went. Our students were left hearing a theoretical presentation of the big bang which sounded like something out of a Dan Brown novel. I must say that I was very impressed with how the students conducted themselves as they listened to his ideas and discected them with the knowledge they had attained at the Creation Science Museuem, and a proper approach to science.

All students waited until the end of the presentation. I could tell some of them had questions on the tip of their tounge as the Cosmologist communicated what happened in the first 3 minutes following the big bang. One patient student posed the question, "what you're saying, doesn't that have a great deal of assumptions? We don't know for certain what happened in that time span". The Cosmoligist skirted the question by saying that there are a few assumptions, but most of the presentation was based on scientific facts and observable occurances. The students knew he wasn't telling the truth, but proceeded to respect him and offer up other questions to try to cause the scientist to think.

This is really the heart of our students after participating in this week of world-view processing. One student asked our tour guide if there were any Christian scientists at the Fermilab. The tour guide said she knows of a number of bible studies conducted by Christian scientists at the Fermilab. This fact gave the student peace that their questioning of the Cosmoligist would be watered by God's people at the lab. Other students had the chance to communicate the reality of God's design on the earth as they communicated to the tour guide the answers they received at the Creation Science Museum.

This trip has been an amazing display of how God proves science true. Our students are understanding this and are gaining confidence in sharing the Gospel. Many have come back to us as chaperons asking questions posed by those who they've been witnessing to. This is truly a great education experience where students may be gaining a semester's worth of knowledge while also learning to effectively communicate their knowledge to the glory of Christ Jesus.