Hillcrest Lands in the Dominican and Shares the Gospel in Iron-Sharpening-Iron Experience

Hillcrest's Dominican Mission team arrived at the airport this morning at 4am. They boarded their first flight before a snow storm swept through much of Minnesota. In landing in the Dominican they met friends Hillcrest has developed over the years and started their week of ministry in the Dominican.

After settling into the Dominican heat with a soft glow on the faces of Hillcrest students who have seen more snow than sun over the past few weeks, the Hillcrest team ventured out for their first day of ministry. 

Students were set to jump into local classrooms, prepared to give testimony and share the Gospel with peers in Dominican schools. However, as often happens in ministry, the students flexed with plans that changed.

Rather than jumping into high school classrooms the Dominican team partnered with a college ministry group called Shine the Light. Hillcrest students worshipped with the group before Nick Lunde shared his testimony of the love of God. His story imparted the powerful impact the Lord has had on Nick's life. 

After Nick spoke teammate Ashley Jarvi stood in front of the group to give the Gospel. Ashley used her story to communicate the power of abiding in Christ. She shared of the increasing conviction she has had recently to spend time in her Bible where she said she has been confronted and comforted by the love of God. She went on to note how godly teachers and friends have sparked her understanding of the love of God in new and powerful ways.  

The group ventured back to the mission house for a time of debrief and prayer. They will be focusing on their ministry tomorrow as they meet in small groups tonight. Pray for their hearts and minds as they will be engaging in spiritual battles as they break barriers to share the Gospel in schools and on the streets over the week. 

Wayne StenderComment