Dominican Mission Visits Handicap Orphanage in Full Day of Ministry

The Dominican team returned to the mission house after midnight today, putting in a full day of ministry that few will soon forget.

The group started by visiting a school known to the students as Petalosis' school. There was a program that resembled the opening ceremonies of the olympics. The American flag hung in the background as Hillcrest students played basketball and volleyball before sining songs in praise to Jesus. Zakary Zwiers and Ashley Jarvi shared the Gospel after the raucous festivities. 

Following lunch, the Hillcrest team boarded the bus to venture to Casa de Luz. Many students have heard of this mission stop. It's an orphanage for physically and mentally disabled children. Hillcrest students jumped in to play games, sing songs, and talk with the children of the orphanage who are forgotten by many in society. It was a memorable place where students weren't able to communicate verbally, but shared the touch and presence of Christ with the orphans in true acts of love, concern, and care. 


After the students visited Casa de Luz they ventured out to purchase the science lab equipment for Los Guandules, the school the group visited the day before. The science lab equipment will help students to see more clearly the design and nature of the universe. 

After purchasing the equipment the students were able to experience their first Dominican worship service. While the music was loud, and the students were tired, there was a celebratory spirit as they shared in worship of Jesus with their Dominican brothers and sisters. Melonie Schultz and Halli Hebl shared how God is actively working in their lives before Erick Benjamin delivered the message for the church.

The worship service put a solid cap on a busy day of ministry, where many of the students are feeling stretched and pulled to speak out about their faith in streets, inside classrooms, and in church cultures that are very different from the reserved Norwegian traditions many students grew up with at Hillcrest.

Wayne StenderComment