Applying to Hillcrest


Hillcrest considers each applicant as a potential member of our family. That said, we are take special consideration of how each applicant might strengthen or challenge the community at Hillcrest. As a distinctly Christian school, holding recognition as a premiere worldview and discipleship training program, our student body is made of predominately famiies who take faith in Jesus Christ and faith-formation seriously. We do, on occasion, accept a student who may not have a faith background, but who displays interest in understanding more about a Biblically-based perspective of the world. Hillcrest is a school for students who have faith in Jesus Christ, and we do accept a small percentage of students (under 9% of our total student body) who may not have a faith tradition, but who display interest in learning about a Biblical perspective.

Wayne Stender will walk you through the inquiry and application processes. If you have any questions, concerns, or difficulties, please email Wayne at:

Domestic Student Application Fee: $100 (Grades 9-12), $30 (Grades 7-8)

Domestic Student Application Process

Step 1

Create a profile and complete the application online by clicking the red box titled "Apply to Hillcrest Online" above.

Step 2

Your references will be emailed a reference form. Once all references have been collected at Hillcrest Academy, a personal interview will be established with a representative from the school.

Step 3

Following the interview Hillcrest Academy will contact the applicant to communicate the status of the application.