The Online Learning Lab has been created in response to a need identified amongst our current student body and prospective students in the community. To meet this need we have developed a new program to instruct the educational levels and/or needs of students who struggle to meet the demands of the curriculum and pacing of the traditional classroom. We want to offer each student the best education that allows them to learn in a manner that is most effective for their individual needs and learning abilities.


  • Those students that struggle academically in one or more core subjects, who would benefit from a modified curriculum and individualized scope and sequence.

  • Those students that may learn in a different manner, or at a different pace than is taught in the traditional classroom.

  • Local students with language barriers to learning.

  • Students who are seeking an advanced placement class that we do not offer in the traditional classroom.

The Online Learning Lab offers classes via the internet with 12-15 student computer stations. Hillcrest has contracted with a Biblical Online Learning Program, Alpha and Omega, that is 70% student facilitated and 30% teacher facilitated. The lab is staffed full-time during the school day, allowing students access to additional help if they require it. Students may take all of their core classes: Math, English, History, and Science or they may take only selected courses such as Math. Students will continue to take part in all other courses via the traditional classroom, Bible, Art, Computer, Choir, Band, Chapel, and Physical Education.

The classes offered via the Online Learning Lab are customizable. Support staff will work with individual students, parents, public school assessment staff, and lab facilitators to write a plan that meets the learning needs of each student. This will be an extension of Individualized Education Plans, and Section 504 plans to accommodate each identified need.

The Online Learning Lab allows current HLA students to improve and accelerate their academic progress, along with providing new opportunities for prospective students. This is an environment where students will continue to grow spiritually, be supported academically, and connect relationally with peers.

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Hillcrest continuously strives to provide an excellent educational platform for students of all learning styles.