Southern Califormia

I just returned from an extended weekend visit with alumni in the LA area. What a great time it was! (Minnesota, 40 degrees, windy, and rain. California, 90 degrees, sunny, and calm).

Time was spent in Pasedena, Altedena, Northridge, and Fullerton. On Friday, I was given a tour of Pasedena (the Rose Bowl), and on Monday, a tour of Biola University, both tours led by HLA alumni. I also visited the Calvary LB congregation in Fullerton.

It is a blessing to witness the spiritual fervor of HLA alumni! They are connected with their churches, involved in leadership roles, support Christian education in their communities, and recall their experiences at Hillcrest as formative times of personal growth and preparation for the future.

It is important that Hillcrest's mission statement is being realized, rather than being just another nice, catchy phrase. What I sense in visiting alumni is that HLA has contributed to enriching their lives. HLA alumni are being used in significant ways for the kingdom of God. Praise God!

President BrueComment