20 Year Celebration

On Friday, December 4th, a big celebration took place at the Danielsen School in Bergen, Norway, celebrating 20 years of sending students for a one-year experience to HLA. Guests at the event included about 200 former students. Jeff Isaac, Gregg and Marie Preston, and my wife Linda and I attended the event as well.

We were overwhelmed with the testimonies and comments of former students. They expressed life changing experiences through the program. I sensed that this was especially meaningful to Gregg, who has taught every Danielsen student in a History class since the program originated.

The general attitude of the group was that these events should happen more often, on the order of a Danilesen/Hillcrest Alumni organization. There are over 500 students currently on the roster, with 25-30 added each year.

One of the thoughts is to have a gathering like this on the Hillcrest campus, bringing former Danielsen/Hillcrest students to America.

President BrueComment