Alumni remain "Old Friends"

On Tuesday evening, Linda and I enjoyed a dinner gathering of about 18 people at Mabel Murphy's restuarant in FF, hosted by Elling and Barbara Halvorson (HLA 50 & 51) for some "old friends." The place they all became friends? Hillcrest. As some from the gathering will celebrate their 60th year reunion this spring, it was great to hear them talk about their cherished times at Hillcrest and the impact those years had made on their lives.

Yesterday morning I was visiting on the phone with a more recent alumna, who mentioned that she learned of a similar group of ladies who met recently on the East Coast to renew friendships and talk of "old times" together.

With Linda Patch now assisting in the HLA Alumni Relations Office, we hope to facilitiate more of these important gatherings of the growing list of "old friends" regardless of our ages.

President BrueComment