Students Enter through Many Doors

I still remember the words of Steve Undseth, Hillcrest English and Bible Instructor, at a spring celebration banquet on the completion of the Student Activities Center a few years ago. He said (I'm paraphrasing) that students come to Hillcrest through many doors. Some are the academic doors, some the music doors, some the athletic doors, some the social doors, and some a combination of all doors. It's important that what we provide on the other side of the door is excellent, because their lives will be impacted. And, whatever door they enter brings them, most importantly, into a faith setting, where God's Word, prayer, worship, and other spiritual disciplines nurture their spiritual lives.

In other words, (or paraphrasing my paraphrase of Steve's comments), Hillcrest is equipping students in a biblical, Christ-centered environment for a life of significance (HLA mission statement).

President BrueComment