Performing Arts Highlight of Homecoming Weekend

Performing Arts a Tradition

Hillcrest’s music program has a time-honored tradition of excellence.  The Hillcrest Academy Concert Choir and Concert Band represent the Academy very well, which is a strong testimony of the Music Department’s leadership.   Melding the talent of 50 musicians in a short span of two months for the annual Homecoming concert is no small feat.  However, time and again Rev. David Strom and Mr. Stephen Doering step up to the challenge and provide a collegiate level concert for attendees to enjoy.

The Hillcrest music program conducts a two week tour during Easter vacation each spring.  This past April, the HLA Band enjoyed a 20-day tour to the East Coast under the direction of Mr. Stephen Doering. This next spring, Rev. Strom will lead the Concert Choir through the great American southwest. The tour will take the 45-student choir through Arches National Park, the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles and Yellowstone National Park as they perform 15 concerts for churches and communities throughout the southwest. The 15-day tour will undoubtedly be a highlight for these vocal musicians as they experience a collegiate style tour.

College Preparation

College education is a reality for the majority of Hillcrest students. Over the past 5 years approximately 98% of HLA graduating seniors attend a college or university to further their education.

This statistic reflects the strong effort of the Guidance Office to invest in the lives of students in helping direct their immediate future.  Recently Hillcrest’s senior class conducted a three-college tour in the Moorhead/Fargo area.  During the spring semester the Guidance Office will organize a three-college tour in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  This month will also bring two college presentations to the Hillcrest campus, Bethany College of Missions, and Northwestern College, St. Paul.  One of Hillcrest’s goals is to equip and prepare students for the next stage in life, which for most includes University studies.

Homecoming Board Meeting 

It is the role of the Hillcrest Board of Directors to oversee Hillcrest’s mission, which is to equip students in a Biblically-based environment for a life of significance.  During Homecoming weekend this year, the Board of Directors will meet for one of their five planned board meetings of the calendar year.

The Board strongly supports Hillcrest as a strong option for families in today’s Private Christian Schools sector.   The school has become more and more unique, as many private schools have closed their boarding programs.   The Board affirms the schools goals to enhance the college preparatory curriculum, communicate through more technologically advanced media, assess campus needs to plan and implement upgrades, and create ministry partnerships with donors who value what God is doing at Hillcrest.  It is their belief that students receive so much more than a diploma in their high school experience at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy.

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