Classroom Instruction Prepares for School and Beyond

Spanish Class – Practicing what They Learn 

Spanish is an important part of the curriculum at Hillcrest.  Instructor Lowell Quam, a former missionary to Ecuador provides practical and fun methods which make the learning process a highlight for his students.  Mr. Quam’s ultimate desire is that his students will be able to communicate the message of the good news of Jesus Christ in Spanish.  Weekly assignments for his students include translating verses from their Bibles into understandable Spanish words and sentences.

Hillcrest students who take Spanish have the benefit of testing for college equivalency credits through the S.L.E.P. Test.  But more significant is the testimony of students when they return from their senior class Dominican Republic mission trip in November. To communicate God’s love in the language of those they meet brings greater fulfillment to both students and their instructor.  They have been given a precious tool - communicating God’s love in another language.

Know What You Believe

The book, You Lost Me is born out of research from teenagers and young adults who once labeled themselves as Christians, but no longer do.  The research, organized by Barna Group President David Kinnaman, is extensive and has been packaged in a tour presentation across the United States.  Recently, Principal Isaac attended this day-long seminar.  One aspect of the presentation is highlighted in Hillcrest’s theme for 2012-13, “Mind the Gaps.”  “Mind the Gaps” (or, “watch your step!”) calls students to address gaps and inconsistencies in their thinking about the world and their understanding of God’s Word.  Principal Isaac’s leadership and the work of the Hillcrest faculty and staff have been integral in creating a culture for critical and serious thinking.   The Biblically-based education provided at Hillcrest is designed to shape a clearer Christian worldview among the student body. 

Leaving the Classroom

Hillcrest’s mission is to prepare students in a Biblically-based Christ-centered environment for a life of significance.  A number of mission trips are scheduled throughout the year, allowing students to travel to cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Fargo, as well as other countries like the Dominican Republic.  Additionally, music tours are taken over the Easter holiday, and other local mission experiences are provided for students.  Staff and faculty work to transition students from the classroom to real-world experiences.  We believe that these experiences give students so much more than a diploma when they graduate and move forward in their lives.



Steven Brue is the President of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy in Fergus Falls, MN (

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