April Update


For nearly eight decades, the Fergus Falls community has been home to Hillcrest Academy, a Christian boarding school located in the city's SW section along the scenic Ottertail River. With nearly 100 students attending each year from other states and countries, this safe and welcoming community has been integral in helping to carry out the high school's objective of equipping students in Bible-based, Christ-centered environment for a life of significance. We are grateful to the Daily Journal for welcoming these school updates.

A Partnership Revealed

2008 ushered in a down-time in the nation's economy. It was also the year that Hillcrest began preparing for a major capital to pay-off remaining debt on the newly constructed Student Activities Center and proceed with a classroom renovation project. The project would include installation of an HVAC system to replace the century-old boiler system. The campaign also encouraged strengthening endowments for staff development and student financial aid. Now in its fourth and final year, the "Fresh Breeze" campaign has secured 90% of the $5 million goal through cash and pledges. The six-year-old Student Activities Center is debt-free, and plans are in place to begin work on the classroom renovations project in the coming year. These financial blessings bring confidence that the school will remain an important part of this community into the future.

Concert Choir Weekend Tour

The Hillcrest Concert Choir is embarking on a 2 day weekend tour with 3 concert performances. Their concert consists of a number of sacred pieces that will direct the congregations of Gethsemane Lutheran Brethren Church (LBC) in Rochester, MN and Ebenezer LBC in Minneapolis, MN in an intentional time of worship. The Choir tour is a time-honored tradition at Hillcrest Academy where students are discipled to praise Jesus Christ through their many talents.

Hillcrest Concert Band Tour

The Hillcrest Band tour launched the first of their 16 concerts over a 20 day period in Ottawa, IL. Recall this was the site for the first Lincoln-Douglas debates. Students visited the historic site in Ottawa, as well as the freedom trail in Boston, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, and the Statue of Liberty and other historic sites in New York City. One chaperone commented that this was one of his most memorable trips with the band. Taking intentional time to consider heroic people who shaped American culture, students shared the message of Jesus Christ through their nightly concert performances on this musical tour of the east-coast.

Redefining Inservice

Educators ask "how do we better prepare our students for a meaningful life?" At Hillcrest, faculty are being equipped to inspire and educate students through intentional teacher-student mentorship. The school leadership is using a resource organized by Summit Ministries called the Cultivate program. The purposeful staff development times help to strengthen the school's Biblically-based program, with the objective of giving families so much more than a diploma through their faith-based investment with Hillcrest Academy.