Worldview Kick-off Start of Year


Guest Speakers Kick-off 2012 School Year

Hillcrest felt very fortunate to start its school year with a number of excellent presentations from a world renowned apologist.   Apologist Alex McFarland, Director of “Truth for the Next Generation” challenged students in their new year at Hillcrest to use Scripture as the basis of all truth, and to confidently proclaim to their generation the reality of God.  McFarland made a significant impact on the students during the school day, and then presented his material in the evening at a forum that was open to the local community.

Two weeks after McFarland”s presentation, a group of post-college young adults, called AXIS, presented insights on pop-culture, the media, and technology to Hillcrest students.  They also held an evening event that was open to the public, with the overall goal of getting today’s youth to become critical thinkers in discerning how technology, media and pop-culture affect them.

Last week, a ministry team called PALS shared their experiences first at Bethel Lutheran Church, and then at a chapel time to Hillcrest students.  PALS consist of women who had abortions in their teen years, and are now ministering to others on the truths about abortion, and its effects on those involved. Hillcrest's “Students for Life” club is preparing to participate in the Annual 40-Days for Life campaign.

Norwegian Science Interest Passes from Father to Son

Hillcrest Science instructor Armin Jahr will complete his Masters in Education degree with a special project that includes a partnership with the Danielsen School in Bergen Norway.  Mr. Jahr's work involved reaching out to Norway's education officials in an effort to strengthen American and Norwegian tracks in Physics and Engineering.

This fall Mr. Jahr's son, Aeron boarded a plane to Bergen to begin a year of study at the Danielsen School in Bergen, Norway.   Aeron, a 2012 HLA graduate, will spend what would be his first year of college at the Danielsen School as he looks to further his schooling.

“Fresh Breeze” Capital Campaign Nearing Completion

In October of 2010 Hillcrest launched the public phase of a $5 million capital campaign.  This major initiative was designed to update and pay-off debt associated with buildings on the campus, strengthen its scholarship endowments that award financial aid to Hillcrest students, assist teachers with continuing education, support annual costs to operate the school, and install an efficient updated HVAC system to the classic building.  Now almost two years later, the HLA Development Office reports that 96% of the goal has been committed to with many of the campaign initiatives already benefiting, including the payment in full of the Student Activities Center that was constructed in 2005.


We look forward in this new year to advance the school’s mission of “equipping students in a Christ-entered, Bible-based environment for a life of significance.”

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