Building Significance in 2013

A Solid Footing

Using the Bible as the foundation in the classroom provides a significant means for students to grow in their understanding of God as they pursue their academic studies.   The use of Scripture also makes them more aware of the power of God working in numerous ways as they go throughout their daily routines. 

Senior Skyler Ruf from New Jersey recently testified to the work of Christ in his life through his educational experience at Hillcrest Academy.  Skyler has been through great hardship in his life, losing his mother to cancer in Jr. High, yet has found encouragement and a deeper faith these past two years attending Hillcrest.   Skyler’s story was printed in a school brochure called “Significant,” a written series of personal stories and reflections by Hillcrest students that communicate how they are being nurtured while attending Hillcrest Academy.

A number of other students added their testimonies in the most recent “Significant” issue.  You can also view a few of the most recent video testimonies on Hillcrest’s website at

Chapel Series 

Chapel is a meaningful period in the Hillcrest school day. Meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 45 minutes, Chapel is a highlight for students.  Principal Jeff Isaac leads the Chapel program with additional support from Hillcrest faculty.

Currently, Principal Isaac is leading a series on apologetics, or a defense of the Christian faith.   Much of his teaching reflects his own personal study as he completes a Masters degree in Apologetics from Biola University in southern California.

The chapel series will include insights from William Lane Craig’s series On Guard.  The series will focus on logical proofs for the existence of God.   Principal Isaac will also articulate the importance of developing a personal understanding of God, and his desire for a personal relationship that we can have with him.

Getting the Word Out

Over the years Hillcrest has sent out faculty and staff to teach and train parents, local church leaders, and youth leaders using Christian worldview material.  This includes going beyond the local region to other parts of the United States.  Seminars have been held in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Washington state, allowing Hillcrest instructors opportunities to share with others the training that students are receiving at Hillcrest.   

This year staff will continue with these training opportunities, traveling throughout Canada, and visiting churches and a Bible school there.  This is another way that God is using the ministry of Hillcrest Academy beyond the local campus.


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