President Egge Offers Twist on Black Friday

We in the States were looking forward to relief from political advertisements only to be flooded with Black Friday ads. Both ad blitzes promised us great benefits if we responded positively.

I understand the "Black Friday"; designation has a positive history for retail accountants hoped to switch from red to black pens for their year-to- date income reports when Christmas shopping began. Years later, it became a super-sale event for shoppers. Interestingly, the term also has some negative history. The gold market crashed on this weekend, and the term was used by traffic officers trying to manage the city crowds on the (for many) Thanksgiving Friday holiday.

Money has both positive and negative results. It is a means of expressing loving generosity, which when used in harmony with the Lord’s will, actually translates to eternal treasures. On the other hand, as you know, Scripture warns that the love of money is the root of all types of evil.

But when I think about Black Friday, my thoughts go to another day when the sky turned dark, and blackness fell over the earth. It is the day we call "Good Friday." 

Red fluid flowed that day. It flowed until all sin, all moral debts, were paid in full. Coming under Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death, we are credited with His righteousness and our accounts are changed from red to black. We are given an abundant righteousness because His grace is greater than all of our sin.

As we enjoy this Thanksgiving and search Black Friday ads, remember the Lord's invitation to buy eternal life without money and price (see Isaiah 55:1-3). It is a Good Friday, after all!

Wayne StenderComment