Board of Directors Announces Search Process for Next President of Hillcrest Academy

The Board of Directors of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy appointed Rev. Joel Egge, former President of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren and former President of the Lutheran Brethren Schools, as interim president of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. Rev. Egge is completing the tasks of President for Hillcrest Lutheran Academy during the formal selection process for Hillcrest’s next President. Former President Steve Brue retired from the position effective June 2 after 25 years of faithful service in various roles at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. A search committee is meeting to conduct the search for Hillcrest's next president over the next several months. 

The announcement of a new president is planned for the spring of 2017. As a stakeholder, your awareness and participation in this selection process is welcomed. Upcoming announcements offering avenues for input will post to stakeholder’s email and Hillcrest's social media. The Search Committee is seeking input on what stakeholders expect of the next Hillcrest Lutheran Academy President.

Pray for the search committee as the Holy Spirit leads them and Hillcrest Lutheran Academy's stakeholders in the process of selecting the next President for Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. Members of the Search Committee, tasked by Hillcrest’s Board of Directors, include the following people:

· Olav Sandnes – Hillcrest parent and current Chairman of Hillcrest’s Board of Directors.

· Mark Soholt – 1967 graduate, Hillcrest parent, Hillcrest grandparent, member of Hillcrest’s Board of Directors, and chairman of the search committee.

· Sue Leach – Former Hillcrest faculty, Hillcrest parent, and member of Hillcrest’s Board of Directors.

· Eric Ewan – 1992 graduate, Hillcrest parent, and member of Hillcrest’s Board of Directors.

· Dr. Ken Peeders – Former member of the Church of the Lutheran Brethren’s Board of Education for Lutheran Brethren Schools.

· Kevin Foss – 1985 graduate, Hillcrest parent, former Resident Director at Hillcrest Academy, and local pastor.

· Kathy Doering – Hillcrest faculty member, Hillcrest parent, and Hillcrest Jr. High Administrator.

· Linda Patch – Hillcrest parent and Hillcrest staff member.

· Heidi Konynenbelt – Hillcrest parent.

· Jeff Issaac – Hillcrest Principal and Hillcrest parent.

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