Hillcrest Instructors Gave Me So Much More Than a Diploma

It happened in HLA’s Classroom C. Our English instructor, Donald Brue, was leading a class discussion of The Country of the Blind, by H. G. Wells when the Lord opened my eyes and to insights I still find valuable and instructive.

Open my eyes that I may see Glimpses of truth You have for me.
— Clara Scott

In short, Wells tells of a mountain hiker who fell and had to descend the backside of the mountain he had climbed. He came to a village, which generations before, was cut off from the outside world by a massive rockslide and had suffered an illness destroying everyone’s vision. 

Over time, the sightless generations built homes without windows, constructed curbs along paths, and worked during the night instead of laboring under the hot sunshine. Because the visiting hiker, Nunez, could not escape the mountain-ringed valley, he chose to become a part of the community. He did things others found strange just because he could see.

He often talked about this sense but they could not understand eyesight. They thought he was strange, if not worse. Yet, he became romantically attracted to a young lady and asked for her hand in marriage. The village leaders denied his request. Due to his fixation on vision, they determined he was unstable and unfit for marriage.

After leading us to feel the villagers’ logic, Nunez’s appreciation of his eyesight, and what he perceived because of his vision, Mr. Brue asked, “How does Nunez’ experience resemble the life of a Christian?” A light was turned on for me in Classroom C that day. I received a new awareness of the life of a Christian witness, the logic of people blind to their spiritual condition and God’s grace for them, and Christ’s mission of entering our world to open my/our eyes.

I thank the Lord for instructors and mentors who lead us to places where the Lord Jesus reveals Himself, our plight, and His redemption. They are invaluable! 

p.s. Send me stories of life-lessons you received at HLA.

Rev. Joel EggeComment