Alumna Draws Tears from Teachers in Mission Announcement

Just two days ago, I was listening to a Hillcrest alum, Sonja Boe Narvesen (H'99), quietly yet powerfully tell of God’s Word working in her heart and mind. She stated the Lord is showing this young wife, mother, nurse, and well-loved friend that belonging to Christ is her greatest treasure.

With a glowing countenance, Sonja told an audience at the Church of the Lutheran Brethren National Convention of her Lord’s showing her the emptiness many people hopelessly attempt to fill with activities, things, or people while neglecting God’s invitation of life. Then, this newly commissioned missionary to Chad, said that she and her husband, David, began thinking of people who do not have access to God’s Word. She emphasized the forgiveness and acceptance God speaks through the living Scriptures.

While listening, I suddenly became aware that the Church of the Lutheran Brethren Convention delegates were as rapped and silent as I. I looked at the faces around me. One row ahead and to my right sat a man with moist eyes and smiling lips, listening to every word his former student was speaking.

Sonja was not aware of Mr. Steve Undseth, but he was aware of her and, to use Jesus’ metaphor, of the harvest God was producing! I’ve not asked Steve but I’m sure he was rejoicing that Jesus Christ was being glorified. Sonja was showing the awareness, compassion, and freedom God’s Living Seed produces.

Steve plants a lot of Seed while teaching his classes. Let us join the Lord’s “Sonjas” and “Steves” in planting. One day the Lord will say that some of the seed you are spreading “came up and yielded a crop, a hundred times more than what was sown.” (Luke 8:8).

Glory to God!

Rev. Joel EggeComment