President Egge Reflects On a Training in the Past, and Yet Coming

“What goes around comes around” is both an encouraging and threatening adage about consequences.

I thought of a cycle of blessing when I entered the Hillcrest office I’m using while the HLA Board of Directors conducts a search and appoints the successor to President Steve Brue. A large photo of the 1928 Student Body of the Lutheran Bible School Student Body hangs in the office suite. The students in the picture have up-to-date hair styles. The fellows are looking directly into the camera, ready to take on the world. The ladies are peaceful, confident, and relaxed, eager for the next chapter of life. It is a group of beaming faces. 

It’s the same expressions we will see in mid-August – faces with potential, questions, and excitement. Fears will be hidden until trust is established and then faced in the company of mentors and peers receiving and sharing God’s love and hope. They will find life in Jesus Christ. 

I’m privileged to have a front row seat to our faculty’s and staff’s enthusiastic anticipation of being part of another (both continuous and new) dynamic learning and worshipping community. It is and will be composed of young adults from diverse cultures. They are coming to a time-tested, yet ever new, school family being created through the Lord’s forgiveness, friendship, and promises of a good future.

Yes, the Class of 2017 will have different hair styles, but their faces will beam as they hurl grad hats into air on the Hillcrest front steps this May. They will have been touched by Jesus Christ and His purposes.

They may not realize it, but you will have been a source of blessing. The Lord uses you, HLA alumni and friends, to enable succeeding classes to live and study in a Biblically-based, Christ-centered environment equipping students for a life of eternal significance.

Paul declared that we reap what we sow (cf. Galatians 6:6-10). Thank you for planting and nurturing the ministry of Christian education and discipleship at your Hillcrest Lutheran Academy! The blessings you received and share keep returning. To God be the Glory!

Rev. Joel EggeComment