President Egge Gives Perspective from Castle Window

Today, when I look up from my computer screen, I see waving evergreen branches, the steady Otter Tail River, and the deep blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds. What contrast for my eyes and spirit to look from one reality to the other. Which is most important, significant, and meaningful? Is it what I see on my monitor or see through my 2nd story office window?

Noah, Moses tells us in Genesis 8, opened the window he had made in the ark. He sent out a bird to discover if the judgment was over and God was giving his family, and all creation, a new beginning. When a bird did not return, Noah was confident God had a future for His creation. He opened an exit and led his family in worshipping the Lord God. 

Rahab, a person with a very different history than Noah, lived on the edge of town and had a window that opened through the city wall. She had heard that the God Whom Israel worshipped had rescued them from slavery, led them through the desert, and opened the Jordan River to give them the country in which she lived. She asked for mercy and received a promise of protection for everyone in her house when the Lord destroyed her Jericho. Her obligation was to hang a red rope from her window so the conquering army would know which family to spare. I imagine she often went to the window and checked that the rope was hanging as the Israelite army marched around the city. Yes, she and her family were rescued and received into the community of God’s people. (Read more in Joshua 2&6.)

Daniel also had an upstairs window where this rising public official prayed three times a day. We know of his prayer life from jealous officials who wanted him eliminated. They spied on him because they had orchestrated the signing of a loyalty law that people pray only to the king during a certain period. When Daniel heard of the king’s decree, he went to his widow and “prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before” (Daniel 6:10). As you know, God did not change the law, but He prevented the lions from destroying Daniel.

Of course, this is not about windows. These accounts teach us that our present and eternal certainty is found in God. In Him, we have hope, salvation, and peace during the adversities of daily life.

Yours and my prayers for our Hillcrest students will be answered as the Lord leads them to open their heart windows to Him who is eager to be their daily and eternal God.

Rev. Joel EggeComment