President Egge Speaks to Uniqueness of Hillcrest Experience

How should we think of Christian Education? Many people have offered answers. Here is another. It is worth your consideration (for your own thinking) and may well be a foundational concept for schools like Hillcrest.

Drawing from Psalm 1, being “schooled” in God’s Word is life-producing (for oneself) and life-sharing (for others). Like trees planted by streams of water, persons drinking God’s truth flourish and bear fruit. People nourished in God’s Word thrive when others wilt; when their leaves wither. The dry seasons do not destroy them.

Second, people who are growing in God’s grace and truth bear fruit. “The example of God’s prophets and apostles shows that they did not keep their education in the wisdom of God’s Law and Gospel to themselves. As per God’s calling -and warning- they proclaimed God’s wisdom for the salvation of others.” 

This is opening week at Hillcrest. I am enjoying the buzz between classes, the sounds of a full chapel, the cheers from the sports teams, and the melodies from the music wing. Students, some returning and many new, have come because a huge number of people these last 100 years have seen the importance of young people being planted next to the stream of the Word of the Lord.

Your desire, along with mine, is that God will plant these precious young people in His Word with the result He will be their source of life bearing fruit for God’s glory and the blessing of families, congregations, and communities in all parts of the world.

Rev. Joel EggeComment