Chapel Focus Creates Clarity at Hillcrest

"If I am a father...if I am a master," says the Lord God in opening an instructive dialog with His people (Malachi 1:6f). He follows the if statements with two questions, "Where is the honor? Where is the respect? Due Me as your father and your master?

Here at Hillcrest, we believe and teach that God is Lord of all: nations, nature, powers, space, time, and eternity. Being Master of everything includes ourselves with all we feel belongs to us such as time, aspirations, bodies, minds, and destiny. This calls us to respect Him. 

When the people objected to His questioning their reverence, God asked if their governors would consider them respectful if they treated them as they were acting, speaking, and thinking of God. As important as realizing that God is Lord and Master of all things, there is another facet to the relationship God seeks with us. Imagine being one of Jesus’ disciples who listened to Jesus pray to God. You long for a similar relationship with the Almighty, so you join your co-followers of Christ in asking Him, Teach us to pray.

Having some concept of God’s majesty, would not you expect Jesus to give you a formal phrase with which to address the Master of heaven and earth? How surprising, then, it would be to hear Jesus tell you to begin with the familiar and intimate, "Our Father." 

We long to lead Hillcrest students into this relationship with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in which we genuinely acknowledge the Triune God as both Master of all and our Father.

Chapel services are an important part of Hillcrest life. I ask you to pray the Holy Spirit to focus our hearts on the life and living He gives us in Jesus Christ. God calls us into an amazing, joyous worship-fellowship with Himself resulting in unity with each other.

Rev. Joel EggeComment