Is Hillcrest a Success?

Dare we say that Hillcrest is a success?

Ponder the following remarks by James M. Houston, “…[S]uccess is a public and cultural rating, whereas faithfulness to God remains hidden and divinely evaluated. … Living faithfully to Christ is in contrast with success, for it is marked by the sacrificial reality of the cross of Christ… Even the world knows the difference between a sacrificial life and a self-centered one.” (Houston, Joyful Exiles, IV Press, pg. 93)

In that awareness, we rejoice in God’s faithfulness. He is faithful to what He has promised and provided in Christ. He is faithful to His people and creation. He is faithful to His desire that all people receive life, eternal life.

Hillcrest was a gathering place for young people from scattered farms, towns, and congregations to live, grow, and serve in Jesus’ Name. We rejoice in their faithful love and service to Him. 100 years later, HLA welcomes young people from disbursed families, faiths, and nations whom the Lord gathers around Himself for the same purpose. We celebrate their embracing Christ’s atoning sacrifice and embarking on a life of following Him.

That purpose, worthy of our interest, intercession, and money is to be “marked by the sacrificial reality of the cross of Christ.” Yes, we will celebrate. We will recall Christ’s work in and through Hillcrest’s founders and all who followed them. We will rejoice in the future because Jesus will be equally faithful to HLA’s present and future students.

We are excited about the kickoff of Hillcrest’s Centennial Year during Homecoming, September 30 and October 1st .

I hope you will join in the celebration of God’s faithfulness to His promises and the resulting ten decades of blessings to the HLA community

Rev. Joel EggeComment