Hillcrest prepares for Christmas Banquet Following 70 Year Tradition

Principal Isaac invited the student body to the annual Christmas Banquet, an over seventy year tradition that unites students and faculty for an evening under the banner of Jesus Christ.

Hillcrest's tradition of banquets goes back many years, still holding many traditions. In the fledgling days to the banquets students would receive small booklets to have friends sign, a virtual polaroid that snapped the memories in their hearts and minds. Today, students participate in a photo-booth that does many of the same things the signing books did nearly 100 years ago.

Students also gather around tables to share a meal, joining together in harmony as their hearts sing to what the Lord is doing in their school. This tradition is captured poignantly by a few students in their yearbooks from the 1940s.

An unusual excitement tinged the air. Various committees were pleasantly excited in seeing their dreams become realities. Dormitories were buzzing with activity, especially the ironing rooms. After many last minute trips up town and hurried finalities accomplished the hour arrived. The thrill and ecstacy of it escaped through "awed" lips. Following the Christ centered program and the last minute round of "autographing" we reluctantly made our way to our rooms
~Excerpt taken from the 1946 Beacon

Life at the Lutheran Bible School is not all work and study. Just ask any student who has attended here!

This year we have had unusually good entertainment, undoubtedly because we have a surprisingly good student society president, Omar Gjerness. It is he who has done the greatest part in organizing our game and fun-fests, a sleigh-ride, a Halloween party, and various outings. our social activities are alwyas concluded with chorus singing and a devotional period. This keeps our fun in tune with the spirit of the Bible school.

Besides our many socials, there are our usual banquets such as the students' reception, the teachers' reception, and our junior-senior banquet. These are characterized by good food and by the customary after-dinner speeches given by our Bible School talent. The many festive events at Bible School this year will long linger in our memories
~Excerpt taken from the 1945 Beacon

Students in Chapel this week saw the video below as part of their formal invitation from Principal Isaac:

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