Former Principal Bill Colbeck Tells Story of Norwegian Partnership

Hillcrest Academy is training students with a 100 year history. In the summer of 1912, the founding organization saw the need for a high school, and certain individuals of the Church voiced strong demands for it at the annual national conventions. The public schools educated all students only through the eighth grade in that era, and if a young person desired to get a high school diploma, he or she would have to enroll at a town that was larger and posed greater distractions in education.

Since that time Hillcrest has been used to build faith, develop intellect, and strengthen character in the lives of thousands of students who have gone on to live lives with eternally significant conviction. Students from around the world have ventured to the Castle on the Hill to receive focused Biblical training with a college preparatory emphasis. This program was appealing to the Danielsen School, which sought to start an American partnership over twenty years ago in an effort to enhance their academic and spiritual training. Hillcrest is the perfect home for the Danielsen school's desired experience. 

In the 1980's Hillcrest developed a strategic partnership with the Danielsen School in Bergen, Norway. The partnership has created a unique classroom environment for American and Norwegian students alike. Nearly 600 Norwegian students received training at Hillcrest through the Danielsen + Hillcrest program, creating a small army of students with an American experience to couple with their college preparatory education.

Shortly after the partnership with the Danielsen school, Hillcrest developed relationships with schools and faith-based groups in South Korea, China, Japan, and Vietnam. The strength of the relationship with the Danielsen school caused Hillcrest to have confidence in developing other friendships with faith-based training schools and families. These partnerships have created a new influx of students and perspectives into the classrooms. With instructors trained in cross-cultural communication and intercultural studies, students feel supported and gain a holistic understanding of material as instructors note differences in interpretation from America, to Europe, to Asia. All of this came out of the honest and warm friendship Hillcrest has been blessed by with the Danielsen School.

Wayne StenderComment