Discipled Through Discipline

The video above is a behind-the-sceens look at the mentorship the Hillcrest men are getting in their interactions with the Basketball program at HLA. Head Coach Gregg Preston is helping the students focus during a busy finals week, with the excitement of Christmas vacation around the corner.

Focus can be a daunting task for teens. The barrage of images and choices they deal with is something that hasn't been experienced by any past generation of young-adults.

The Biblical image of manhood is an area that is especially loud with distractions from the world, often tarnishing the idea for todays budding adults. However, through the mentorship and accountability in the dorms, classrooms and extra-curricular activities, students have seen this image refinished before their eyes. This new understanding has a Biblical reference-point and Christ-like direction.

Hardwork and leadership, both spiritually and academically are a center-piece set before The HLA men. Their time spent before each practice and game involves intentional prayer and accountability reports. They share about daily interactions with fellow students and create plans for increased ministry to their community outside of the gymnasium. This time of sharing and prayer draw the team to cohesion around representing Christ in all they do.

The emphasis for Hillcrest athletics is in teaching students to understand and focus on the image of Christ being communicated through their sport. Students understand that the little techniques make the difference in athletics, similar to the seemingly insignificant daily focus-points found in Christians who are continually being shaped by God's word. Students also understand God's mandate to defend His Image through hardwork and avoiding undisciplined reactions to results from the happenings on the court of field.

This is a small taste of how Hillcrest seeks to use athletics to equip students for a life of significance, being leaders both on the court and in their world. Take time to come out to a game and interact with these players on a more personal level, encouraging them to represent and seek Christ as they're mentored at HLA.

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