So Much More Than Just a Mission Trip

Discipleship is a cornerstone at Hillcrest. More than preparing students to pass a test or move toward a degree, a firm Biblical worldview is presented and reinforced in students by men and women at Hillcrest committed to knowing Christ and making Him known.

The above video is a short snippet from a debriefing session in the Dominican Republic. Principal Isaac tells a story of how the HLA mission emphasis is more than just a school adoption. What Hillcrest has witnessed is a strong mentor-type relationship with teachers and faculty at El Brisol and Sante Fe primary schools in remote villages in the Dominican Republic.

What started out as a school adoption to provide a better learning environment for impoverished Dominican students who bear God's image has morphed. The deepening relationship with Hillcrest Academy and the Santa Fe and El Brisol primary schools in the Dominican Republic has caused the schools to state publicly that they desire to replicate what God has been doing at Hillcrest for almost 90 years.

The encouraging message being communicated by our students, and is now being recommunicated by the students in the Dominican, is the salvation story. The reality that God redeems the people and cultures of the world back to Himself through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. This reality is significant, especially in forgotten places like those surrounding El Brisol and Santa Fe. The framework for the entire world hangs on this simple fact, that God is working in the world to communicate Christ cruicified and the redemption of mankind through the cross.

Being made in God's image, we follow the example of Christ. Drawing reference from scripture, we see Christ transition to foreign habitats to communicate the foundational message that mankind is made in God's image, is responsible for caretaking of the earth, bears God's image despite sin, and is redeemed back to the original intent of bearing God's image through Jesus Christ. Students at Hillcrest are taught that their education isn't a benefit unto themselves, but a stewardship granted by God to bear His image and make Him known in all human and vocational encounters.

Hillcrest faculty and staff have communicated the honor of being a part of Hillcrest throughout this year. The emphasis on discipling students to be educated Christians who seek to be God's hand and feet in their departments is creating an exciting environment on-campus. Students are beginning to grasp that this education is much more than a diploma.

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