The Transition

The video above is a short segment of Principal Isaac's response to students on the Senior Class mission trip. His closing charge communicates how they are transitioning into adult-hood. Mr. Isaac points-out that many staff are going to be treating those students as young adults, encouraging and mentoring them as they take-on leadership roles.

Throughout a students education at HLA they receieve instruction. This is commonplace in most schools across the country. However, what we're finding is that God's work at Hillcrest is setting the school apart from many other Christian schools that teach worldview.

David Eaton is the founder of a Christian worldview training group that travels throughout the world. The group is called AXIS and it focuses on teaching teens how to navigate through the secular voices in their culture. Their mission statement is:

To creatively educate hearts by questioning assumptions, interpreting media, and equipping communities to move from apathy to compassionate action.

When AXIS visited the Hillcrest campus this fall David commented to his team that Hillcrest is one of the most intentional schools they visit in terms of worldview. He also commented that Hillcrest's focus on getting students to communicate a Biblically-based Christian worldview is something he hasn't seen done as well in other schools.

We feel blessed to be the choice of so many parents to reinforce the Biblical teaching students are recieving in their homes. Parents, not only students, are receiving much more than a diploma at HLA.

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