Communicating the Redemption

The video above is a short documentary highlighting the impact of continued mission efforts by the church worldwide. This report has been an encouraging voice for us lately as we have been working through the re-entry phase following our Dominican Mission trip.

Hillcrest has been blessed to be a part of God's redemptive work with the Sante Fe and El Brisol schools in the Dominican Republic. This past trip, students saw how funds given to these communities provided employment for villagers and enhanced education for those attending school.

Hillcrest's next push is to support the local community by partnering with science and engineering classes at Hillcrest. Hillcrest's strong Spanish program has enabled students to communicate the Gospel clearly on the streets. Now the unifying work of Hillcrest's education program will be to use Math and Science skills on the ground. These classes will be developing sustainable agriculture options for the poor surrounding the Christian schools Hillcrest has adopted.

The post in the Principal's Blog last week included a short video from one of the Dominican Republic team's debrief sessions. I commend that for you to view, as we work together in participating in the redemption story God has communicated to us and the world. This redemption, and the invitation to actively work in partnering with Christ, is what truly makes us and our lives significant.

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