Principal Isaac, Nancy Pearcey and UTT


Captured above is a recent conversation Principal Isaac initiated in his Understanding the Times class. Following a reading assignment of an article titled Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, Principal Isaac showed the academic knowledge students gain in the classroom needs to connect with their spiritual lives. Essentially challenging the prolific voices students are faced with, telling them they must separate the mind and academic pursuits from the heart and religious convictions.

Principal Isaac made the case for an interconnected spiritual, social and academic life. His examples brought out the increasing sensitivity our culture has as individuals are faced with spiritual, social and academic correction. He emphasized the deep need for connection and correction in the Christian life, making the case for approaching academic disciplines as having both a spiritual and intellectual application to Truth. Borrowing a paragraph from Pearcy: 

"The gospel is like a caged lion," said the great Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon. "It does not need to be defended, it just needs to be let out of its cage." Today the cage is our accommodation to the secular/sacred split that reduces Christianity to a matter of private personal belief. To unlock the cage, we need to become utterly convinced that, as Francis Schaeffer said, Christianity is not merely religious truth, it is total truth — truth about the whole of reality.

The mission of Hillcrest Academy is to prepare students in a Bible-based environment for a life of significance. This is made clear to Principal Isaac's students as communicated that the renewing work of the Gospel involves both personal transformation and cultural redemption. This key component to Biblical education is evident in how many Hillcrest students seek to participate in local and cross-cultural mission opportunities. These opportunities link both the heart and the mind as students are changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, propelled to call their culture back to God.

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