Abstinence: The Dirty Word

Guilty as charged. The crime, silence. This was the area Mr. Isaac's class recently explored as they poured over an article from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

Pastor T.M. Moore commented:
Christians have not managed to articulate a united, consistent voice on all matters of culture and society...Our abstinence from the work of evangelism and the public policy and cultural issues tables has meant that modernists and postmodernists continue to serve up their stale and empty fare, hoping to convince the public that there really is some beef between those buns. 

Principal Isaac's class conversed vigorously, drawing to light areas of their lives where they have remained silent when God's mandate was for them to engage. Calling them to action steps, Mr. Isaac watched as his class moved from statements of kindness and generosity to intentionally sharing the Gospel in their spheres of influence.

More than academics, students are being sharpened in their classes to understand the power of education to proclaim the Gospel. Students are realizing their academic pursuits are preparing them to clearly and distinctly communicate the Gospel to their peers as they work to call the world back to the Creator. 

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