Finding Kind


The video above is a recommendation from Chap Clark. Mr. Clark has been engaged in an indepth research project on teen culture. Clark has updated a number of his findings in a new book titled Hurt 2.0 and is beginning to work with the producers of a new documentary titled Finding Kind

The trailer above reminded us of some of the intentional ways we've been working to address some of the hurts and battles girls and guys find themselves in. At the start of the school year we focused a number of specific chapel services on Biblical manhood and womanhood. With guys and girls meeting separately, the men and women staff at Hillcrest addressed their respective genders, giving a Biblical framework of manhood and womanhood. 

Hillcrest will be taking another round of relationship-themed chapels in the month of February with the visit of Bob Tissot. Mr. Tissot's presentation on Purity and Holiness will involve various break-out sessions designed for specific genders. The small group break-outs will help students process and understand the Biblical model of manhood and womanhood. The emphasis on relationships is part of the holistic instruction that makes Hillcrest's education so much more than a diploma.


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