Addiction to Technique

Lena Dunham's comments are targeted towards a college-aged community. Her words show what the political world believes will speak to the young educated. Dunham's equation of premarital sex for companionship to election day decisions identifies a political technique. This technique calls college students to vote in the same way they select companionship. Through this correlation, political involvement is seen to be a solution to problems the same way sex is proposed as a solution to companionship. 

Worldview apologist John Stonestreet addressed this in a recent Chuck Colson Two-Minute Warning. Stonestreet comments how the political confusion Jacques Ellul warned of in his 20th century piece The Political Illusion was a clarion call to social institutions like the family and church that are indanger if governments are seen as a solution to brokenness in society. 

Ellul warns that political technique dehumanizes. Dunham's advertisement presents a political candidate solution to issues associated with lonliness, poverty and health care to name a few glaring difficulties, never mentioning the foundation of society nor it's role.

Politics is downstream from culture. This concept, taught in classrooms at Hillcrest, was repeated numerous times by former felon and Christian ministry founder Chuck Colson. Colson believed that political and governmental over-reach is a failed solution to brokenness found in the foundational organizations that make society, namely the family and the church. Colson called on Christians to defend these institutions and participate actively in the public sphere.

Ellul had a similar idea as noted by John Wilkinson from the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions in his 1964 commentary on Ellul:

His (Jacques Ellul) personal reason for (bearing witness to the technological society) is that he is a Christian, a fact which is spelled out in his book La Presence. His concept of the duty of a Christian, who stands uniquely at the point of intersection of this material world and the eternal world to come, is not to concoct ambiguous ethical schemes or programs of social action, but to testify to the truth of both worlds and thereby to affirm his freedom through the revolutionary nature of his religion. 

Hillcrest exists to equip students in a Christ-centered Bible-based environment for a life of significance. Our approach to education is to teach students to reason with sound mind and sober judgement, presenting Truth and redeeming culture through the work of the Gospel.

Hillcrest's testimony is seen best in students who have developed an ability to address social and academic issues with creativity and foresight, having been taught how to think, not what to think.

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