Mark Regnerus is a man with mettle. Reporting his research almost cost him his job and credibility in his field. However, reporting truth has a way of vindicating from falsehood. Some men fail to see this.

Peter L. Berger is one man who wanted to misrepresent reality. Caught-up in the movement of popular academia, the Australian social-scientist, who based interpretations on research from communist thinkers like Karl Marx and Max Weber, pitched the idea that society as a whole would experience a mass secularization, and religion as we historically know it would end.

Berger admits that his prediction and writings went against the data being collected, however his idea centered on an idea in sociology called Plausibility Structures. A Plausibility Structure is basically a group or collective of individuals in a person's life that affirms a certain belief is actually plausible. 

Berger unwraps his theory around the belief that truth and reality are a form of consciousness which can be developed and adapted based on the workings of society and the individual. The thought is that if a society can adopt a logical explanation to reality, a person's central belief system could change. 

Charles Colson, a champion of Biblical Truth in politics and society comments that truth is that which conforms to reality. Colson's idea seems to include a premise that truth is unavoidable and many times does not need defense and argument, but instead illumination. 

This is Hillcrest's approach to education. Many parents have grown weary of not only evolution and historical revisionist movements in their children's public education, but a growing number have sought Hillcrest to avoid social restructuring of their students in the public schools. This restructuring usually revolves around sex education and redefining social norms like the family and the state of the unborn.

The comforting reality Regnerus discusses in the interview above is that parents and family members are able to reinforce God's design in marriage and sexuality, saving students heartache and difficulties caused by operating outside of God's structured plan for humanity. Hillcrest acts as a support to families, but Regnerus' research points to the primary influence being the family. 

It is on Christ that the case rests and Hillcrest's commitment is to support families by providing a Biblically-based, Christ centered environment that prepares students to live a life of significance convinced of Jesus Christ and His redemption.

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