Reason, Virtue and Education

Chuck Colson is a hero to many of the faculty at Hillcrest Academy. His passion to address the needs of prisoners in correctional facilities around the world is Christ-like, and his drive to prepare a generation of thinkers who will redeem culture is reminiscent of Paul in the aeoropagus. 

In the video above Mr. Colson points out that modern education needs both reason and virtue, emanating from what is known as the Trivium. Trivium is latin for "the three ways" which in education includes grammar, logic and rhetoric.

These three ideas are incorporated into the Hillcrest experience through each class, brought to fruition throughout the course of the school year. Taking time to address the ideas of each academic discipline, the Trivium is brought forth in various ways.

Grammar is addressed in each discipline at Hillcrest as instructors take time to communicate their specific discipline through reading and writing, helping students to understand symbols and language used to communicate complex concepts.

Logic is taught as students are instructed to understand disciplines as they are known both in the world and communicated through the Holy Scriptures. This pointed section of teaching houses Hillcrest's worldview emphasis, presenting families with student testimonies of a reasoned faith following a year at Hillcrest Academy.

Lastly, rhetoric is facilitated in the student body through interactive chapel services and spiritual formations weeks. Students are also pushed to use the logic and grammar gained in the classroom through rhetoric on the mission field, communicating the reality of Christ in cross-cultural situations.

Hillcrest's focus on grammar, logic and rhertoric prepares students for college. This preparation ensures students obtain an understanding of God's design for the world, can reason and create within His design and can understand and communicate Salvation to people, God's jewel of Creation. This approach to education is what gives students and families so much more than a diploma over Memorial Day weekend every May.