The Lunar Experience

Can you imagine marking the most significant moment of your life with a church sacrament? Buried in centuries of tradition, Buzz Aldren called up the sacred practice of communion to commemorate the lunar landing. Ordered to complete the practice off the airwaves, one of the first paragraphs spoken on the moon was Christ's words in John calling mankind to draw near to Him as the vine. 

Aldren's worship of Christ in the Sea of Tranquility is an inspiring action, thinking of the passing of his teammate Neil Armstrong and the landing of Curiosity on Mars weeks ago. Space exploration is an inspiring endeavor that marks mankind's innate desire to explore the universe and understand it's composition. A trait found through a five-minute read into Genesis.

Students have started into their Hillcrest experience, and already I know they're being exposed to an exploration of universe that would make Buzz Aldren smile. It's the type of exploration and contemplation that reminds me of a past posting on this blog (A Blast from the Past...Prayer in School). These days Hillcrest staff resonate with Aldren's actions, drawn to thankfulness to where God has brought us and where He is directing. 

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