Building-out Concave Chests

Apologist John Stonestreet is a father. He understands the challenges many of us face regarding parenting and how much we allow our students to be exposed to the world. His video above is a stance we have taken at Hillcrest to prepare students to understand God's communication to us, His plan in History and how we are to respond to the marred design we're left with until Christ returns.

This week AXIS, a worldview team equipping families to understand the trappings of pop-culture, visited Fergus Falls. During their time in our community they led a chapel session on technology. You can see an excerpt from their presentation HERE>>.

In an afternoon meal with AXIS we were able to hear their impression of Hillcrest. They spoke of how impressed they were with our student body. They shared how engaged the students were and how they appeared to not only present themselves as intelligent, but also to express their thoughts in a convincing manner. What was the difference in their mind, Hillcrests' students understanding of the purpose of technology.

We are humbled by the testimony of our student body, only four weeks into the school year. God is clearly at work in their lives through the mentorship and instruction they're receiving in classes and the dormitories. This constant instruction, inside and outside of the classroom, is what God appears to be using to equip our students for a life of significance.

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