Creationism is Not Appropriate for Children

Bill Nye has a goal to make Science applicable. His popular TV series Bill Nye the Science Guy was considered a classic Saturday afternoon pastime for many 20-somethings a decade-ago. A recent video that has gained popularity through Youtube is shown above. It clearly points out his perspective of the world.

Bill Nye's attack on educating students in Creationism is a boisterous attempt to stave-off the growing sentiment among many students that evolution's holes are inexplicable, making it a failed theory. 

Nye's claim that students educated in Creationism will destroy science is unfounded, and historically inaccurate. Many of the founders of modern Science; Descartes, Galileo, Johannes Kepler, Robert Boyle, Robert Hooke and Isaac Newton believed that God, the Creator, had designed nature with a basic harmony that they could trace. They were convinced that experiments should not lead to a bewildering array of contrary facts, but easily understood laws. 

It would appear that Nye's contemporary view of science forgets the foundational laws of Science were discovered by Creationists. Nye's perspective neglects that Science's rules require intelligence to both put them in motion and comprehend them. Johannes Kepler is one of many examples of men who practiced the idea of an ordered creation needed for an intelligible explanation.

Kepler was a man who would not accept mathematical fudgery to explain the world. His driving mantra through the exploration of elliptical paths of planets was that an intelligent Creator would not need to create nuance in mathematics to set the universe in motion. Kepler's worldview, Creationist at the core, drove him to deeper exploration in Science to find answers.

Although Bill Nye is an innovator in education, making science new and exciting for students, his worldview is flawed at the core. In order for mankind to understand the world, the world must be ordered and intelligible. This is the perspective students are educated with at Hillcrest. A Biblical view of the world drives students to gain better understanding of the world because by doing so they not only discover more about themselves and what they are created to do, they find significance in their world and who they are through their Creator.

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