Science Discussed Pt. 3

"At Hillcrest it's almost like we talk more about the Bible in our regular classes and about our regular classes in Bible class." This was a message relayed last week by one of the 4 worldview instructors at Hillcrest Academy. Sit in on any class at Hillcrest and you'll hear why the student was led to this thought pattern.

Sitting through a history class, english lecture or science lab and students find class time to be "taken-up" by a 15 minute devotional. However, when listening to the entire lecture students understand the significance of the Biblical strands evident in each academic discipline.

The video above is a very concise and short example of how instructors at Hillcrest weave Biblical concepts into their academic discipline. It's what makes a Hillcrest education so much more than a diploma. 

Hillcrest Academy